Would You Guess: Psychopaths from Television and the Movies


These characters exhibit an inability to empathize with others and a lack of remorse characteristic of psychopathy.

George Costanza

Stewie Giffin

Richie Aprili

Ralphie Cifaretto

Ryan Howard

Cotton Hill

Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (probably the result of post-traumatic stress disorder)

Lestat de Lioncourt

Gustavo Fring

Mike Ehrmantraut

Dexter Morgan


Antisocial but not Fully Sociopathic

These characters exhibit antisocial characteristics but also show some degree of remorse and empathy (albeit, in some cases it is very limited).

Michael Corleone

Gregory House (motivated by narcissism; Gregory is probably psychopathic on the Hare Checklist)

Tony Soprano

Bart Simpson

Buck Strickland (possibly more on the sociopathic spectrum)

Walter White (may be veering more towards psychopathy)

Jesse Pinkman


Border Line Personalities

These characters exhibit an unstable self-image; are prone to negativity, black and white thinking, paranoia, delusions, and dissociative or psychotic breaks.

Christopher Moltisanti

Livia Soprano

Anakin Skywalker


Narcissistic Personalities

These characters are pathologically self-obsessed and share some traits with psychopaths such as inconsideration for others, shallow affect, and are sometimes callous or unemotional in the face of any grief they cause.

Gregory House

Charlie Harper

Michael Scott