On Blogging

I really like to edit my work over and over and over, truthfully I find that ninety percent of it isn’t worth the effort—it gets deleted from my hard drive after three months. That’s why I hate term papers and blog posts; the former never comes with enough time and the latter is a forced spontaneity. I really don’t like blogging, really. I edit my academic essays three times over and I usually get high praise but I ALWAYS find a mistake(s) when I reread it three months later and for some reason that really pisses me off and I think, ”what’s wrong with those professors for not catching this, are they just being kind to me or what?” It can always be better, ALWAYS! With blog post, I ramble something off, reread it once and publish. The result is that I’m always finding mistakes, mistakes, mistakes and I want to pull my hair out. Yes I correct mistakes when I see them, sometimes a month or three later, but my corrections don’t show in the damn RSS feed and because of that I really hate you RSS subscribers! Well, not really.

The reason I blog is because it’s therapy for being imperfect…I guess it’s a love hate relationship.

The scary thing is that I hope to publish a few books in my life. I don’t know what I’ll do once I publish that first book because I know that no matter what that book is going to have a flaw in it and that’s REALLY going to piss me off.