The Online Self Diagnostic Psychopath Test!


Just 51 questions…

People should generally be forgiven?

It’s important to contribute to the community?

Would you like to have sex more than once a week?

I feel that I will be a historically notable person?

I want everybody to be happy?

I would kill my worst enemy if I knew I could get away with it?

People want to do me favors because of the quality of my personality?

Have you ever intentionally inflicted pain on an animal for the purpose of seeing the animal suffer?

Would you prefer to be alone?

I am a loyal employee?

I have supernatural powers. I can read other people’s minds and make them do my bidding?

Would you donate a kidney to save a close friend’s life?

I would have no remorse investing in a venture that profited by defrauding other people?

Are you an abusive spouse or parent?

Do you like to cuddle?

I generally appear very calm?

I feel bad for the victims when I watch stories about disaster on the news?

Would you sacrifice your own life to save your family?

My friends are very important to me?

I enjoy enjoy eating out?

I enjoy praise?

I have fantasies about hurting people?

Were you ever expelled from an educational institute?

Do you respond if someone makes fun of you?

I am more important than other people are because I possess a special talent?

I am very good with people?

I have certain rituals that I must do every day?

Are you interested in what other people are doing?

Do you enjoy making others feel inferior?

Would you take a pay cut to help a colleague keep his job?

Are you currently employed, a student at an educational institute, or retired?

Are you interested in what other people are doing?

I am compelled to help those that are less fortunate?

Do you enjoy intimacy?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law for hurting somebody?

I don’t like disruptions to my routine?

I am capable of making a bad deal seem like a good deal?

Are you loyal to your friends?

Do you admire powerful people?

I am personally disturbed when someone close to me is suffering?

Do you enjoy being around people?

I like everything nice and orderly?

I have intentionally endangered other people’s lives?

Would you take the blame rather than let an innocent person go accused?

Some people don’t like me because they are envious?

I would rather have a psychiatric label than not know what I am?

Do you have a high school diploma or college degree?

Have you ever been caught stealing or cheating?

Have you been in at least five violent confrontations in your life?

I would have no remorse profiting from a venture that potentially harmed other people?

I would never cheat a friend?


Are you a psychopath?

Sociopathic personality is based on an inability to feel empathy for others. Sociopaths are not necessarily violent or maladaptive but they do lack empathy for others and are therefore capable of being manipulative or threatening in order to get what they want. The words sociopath and psychopath are used interchangeably in the research community. The current DSM does not recognize sociopathic personality as distinct from anti-social personality but many researchers believe sociopathy is distinct. Aside from cold-blooded killers and manipulative con artists, it’s believed that adaptive psychopaths have succeeded in authoritative fields such as business, law, medicine, and the military.

About the test

This test is designed to provoke responses that correlate to a number of psychological indicators. Certain combinations indicate a possible personality type.

The results of this test are an indicator and not a diagnosis.

Interpreting the results of your test

If your test contains any of the following combinations then it indicates the corresponding personality type. If you do not have any of these combinations then there is no significance to your results.

Ap, Se, and As = Sociopathic personality

Ap, Se, and Am = Potentially sociopathic

Ap, Se, and As + Pr = Principled sociopath

Ap, Se, and As + Hs = Potentially dangerous sociopath

Ap, Se, and As + Ad = Adaptive sociopath

Ap and As = Antisocial personality (strengthened with Ma)

Gr with any of the above = narcissistic personality

Sp = Schizoid personality


Em=Empathetic vs. Ap=Apathetic

Se=Pro-self vs. So=Pro-social

Pr=Principled vs. Am=Amoral

As=Anti-social vs. Sc=Social

Gr=Grandiose vs. Mo=Modest

Ln=Low need for structure vs. Hn=High need for structure

Ad=Adaptive vs. Ma=Maladaptive

Hs=High Sadism vs. Ls=Low Sadism

Sp=Schizoid positive vs. Sn=Schizoid negative


Disclaimer: This test is not a diagnoses but it can indicate personality tendencies. If you genuinely feel disturbed by the results of this test, seek psychiatric help.