The Online Psychopath Test

Because my article on the sociopathic personality has been one of my more popular articles, I decided to make an online self-diagnostic psychopathy test. The 52 question test examines eleven dimensions of personality to uncover psychopathy and other affective deficit personality types that could be confused for psychopathy including antisocial personality, narcissistic personality, asperger syndrome, and schizoid personality.

Note: I use psychopathy interchangeably with sociopathy. Most scholars use sociopath and psychopath interchangeably but some insists a psychopath is the more violent version of the sociopath.

I am generally not fond of psychiatric labels except in extreme cases or were they are useful. This test should be taken for amusement purposes only. I have tried to accurately replicate personality features to correspond with the correct personality type but only a trained psychiatrist can make a medical diagnosis.

If you have taken the test before the publication of this post, I encourage you to retake it as I have been tweaking it.

Click here to take the test.